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Digital Thermometer Stiff (Kaku)

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Product Name : Digital Thermometer
Model : Stiff
Description : Display Range: 32.0 - 42.0 C
                               Accuracy:  0.1 C
                               Min scale: 0,1
                               Measurement time (reference only):
                                  a) 60  10 seconds in oral
                                  b) 100  20 seconds underarm (for refence only, it differs from people
                                       to people)
                               Beeper function
                               Auto shut-off
                               Battery: 1,5V button battery (LR/SR-41)
                               Size: 127 x 18 x 10 mm
                               LCD: 15,5 x 6,5 mm
                               N.W.: 10.5g


How To Use
1. Before using, disinfect the probe with alcohol, or put a probe cover on the sensor tip
2. Press the on/off button, the display will read 188.8E and Bi’ sound will be heard.
3. The thermometer will display the last temperature memory record for about 2 seconds,
    then display L C/LnF and  C/ F flashing then the thermometer is ready for use
4. Place the probe well under the tongue, keep the mouth closed, start measuring.
5. The measurement process needs about 2 minutes.
6. After measuring the  C/ F will stop flashing and the alarm signal will sound for
    about 4 seconds.
7. The temperature at the thermometer display is the user’s body temperature.
8. The temperature automaticaly shuts off 10 minutes after use.
    However to save energy, turn off the power switch manually.

Digital Thermometer Stiff (Kaku)


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